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Our engineers can provide electronic product development from your schematics or we can develop your electronic product from your concept. From electronic product design to product engineering to prototype, to final product, Technisys can develop your idea on time and on budget.

Electronic module ECL Fanout_701070-1
  Part # 701070-1
Module, Type A-1 ECL Fanout

ECL level conversion and fanout with this product family
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  Part # 701071
Module, Type B Bipolar/TTL Fanout

Single ended input to differental output.
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  Part # 701094-1
Module, Type G E3 to RS422/LVDS

E3/T3 Line termination/decoding to NRZ output
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  Part # 701195
STM-1/CMI Converter/Fanout Module-Optical to electrical

High speed OE conversion!
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  Part # 701097
Module, Type J STM-1 CMI (155.520Mbps)

E4 termination and parrallel interface
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  Part # 701101
Module, Type L Data/Clock to AMI

NRZ to AMI conve rsion made easy!
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  Part # 701110
VME Interface Card ECL to LVDS

Convert ECL to LVDS or RS422 plus NRZ to AMI in a VME card!
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  Part # 701115-1
Module, Type M ECL to LVDS

E1, E3 or ECL transitioined to LVDS
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  Part # 701122
Module, Type N RS422/LVDS IN Fanout (RS422/LVDS OUT) w/ Tester

RS422 or LVDS 1:4 fanout
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  Part # 701124
Module, Type O TTL IN Fanout (RS422/LVDS/ECL OUT) w/ Tester

TTL to ECL/LVDS/RS422 fanout
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  Part # 701125
Module, Type T Test Generator

BERT function in a module!
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Ventilation module
  Part# 701143
Ventilation Module
Ventilation module provides forced air cooling for high power boards

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  Part # 701149
Module, Type Z, 2 Channel ECL Fanout (differential)

2 Channels of differential fanout and level conversion!

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  Part # 701150-4
Module, Type AC STM-16 2 Channel Fanout

2 Channels of optical fanout up to 2.5G

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2 channel RS422 interface module

Part # 701176
Module, Type K, 2 Channel RS422 / V.35 Level Converter

Interface RS422 to V.35 legacy systems



Part # 701182-1
Chassis, STM-1/CMI/AMI Test Generator w/ BERT
Cost effective BERTs

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  Part # 701195
Part # 701195-B
Part # 701195-B1

STM-1/E4 Fanout/Converter Electrical to Optical available in 3 form factors

High speed Optical Electrical conversion!
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Part # 701197
Type AH, IF Module 70 MHz

IF conditioning in multiple packages
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  Part # 701207
Module, Type AN, DIR Interface, Optical

155M STM-1 (OC-3) optical recorder interface
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Part # 701208
Module, Type AO, DIR Interface, Electrical
155M STM-1, 140M E4, 51M E3 electrical recorder interface

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Part # 701215
Portable Chassis, STM-1/E4, E3, E1 Mux/Demux Unit

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Part # 701219
Portable Chassis, Battery Charger Unit

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  Part # 701227
Chassis, TTL/RS422 Converter, 5 Ch, Rack Mount, 1U

Cost effective TTL/RS422 level conversion

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Part# 701252
Part# 701252-1S
Part# 701252-1D

Chassis,1 U size, heavy aluminum construction, alodine finish

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Digital Recorder Interface

Part # 701308
Part # 701308-1
Module, Digital Recorder Interface (DRI) STM-1 I/O

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Part # 701309
Chassis unit provides convesion of 8 Channels of NRZ Clock and Data to E1 or T1 Line Ouputs.

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Part # 701319
Part # 701319-1
Chassis, 8 Channel E1/T1 to NRZ Clock/Data recovery (CDR)

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Part # 701321
Chassis, 8 Channel T1/E1 Line Rate Converter

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Part # 701347
Part # 701347-1 with ECL Output

8 Channel T1/E1 configurable Fanout is provides replication E1 of T1 line Inputs.
Optional with ECL Output

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8 Channel E1/T1 Converter (4 CDR, 4 NRZ to E1/T1 Line)
  Part# 701349
8 Channel E1/T1 Converter (4 CDR, 4 NRZ to E1/T1 Line)

Provides conversion of 4 Channels of NRZ Clock and Data to E1 or T1 Line Outputs

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Part # 701355      4 Channel
Part # 701355-1   8 Channel
Part # 701355-2  16 Channel
Part# 701355-3   16 Channel
High speed NRZ signal conversion

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Technisys electrical product
STM-1/PDH Recorder
  Part # 701363
STM-1/PDH Recorder-Stores hours of data in small package.World-wide use.

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Technisys 701395
  Part # 701395
RS422 1 of 2 Select Chassis

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ECL Fanout Bipolar/TTL Fanout E3 to RS422/LVD STM-1 CMI (155.520Mbps) Data/Clock to AMI Test Generator 2 Channel ECL Fanout STM-16 2 Channel Fanout STM-1/CMI/AMI Test Generator w/ BERT IF Module 70 MHz DIR Interface, Optical DIR Interface, Electrical STM-1/PDH Recorder Chassis, TTL/RS422 Converter Electronic 8 channel chassis 8 Channel E1/T1 to NRZ Clock/Data recovery 8 Channel T1/E1 Line Rate Converter 8 Channel T1/E1 configurable Fanout Chassis,1 U size Technisys 701395