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STM-64 Multiplexer

Client: Department of Defense
Design: STM-64 Multiplexer   701204-1-AM

After using our STM-64 demultiplexer, our DoD customer determined that additional functions were needed to solve new problems. The robust FPGA electronic design, which is the core of this product, allowed a quick response with successful results and provided the capability for enhanced functionality from this particular new product design.Tthe original product development task was simply to demux from STM64 (10Gbps) to (4) STM-16 sub-channels. The new electronic product design requirement called for demux to STM-4 or STM-1 as well, which was implemented in a minimal timeframe, including reverse engineering which necessitated a key prototype development before developing the final production equipment.

Ethernet enabled custom enclosure

Design: Ethernet enabled custom enclosure   701171

For, Technisys designed a flexible, cost effective, custom insulated NEMA4 enclosure providing the ability to use sensitive barcode telemetry Access Points in deep freeze and harsh weather environments. The design provides protection against extremely cold and damp conditions with the insulated, heated space inside an industry standard enclosure. Ethernet communications and power are interfaced through weather tight connections, assuring long term performance. With this solution, an operational system was implemented in an environment where it normally would be useless.


Client: Honeywell
Design: Interfacing to existing hardware   701095

For Honeywell AFSCN, Technisys provided solutions for signal level conversions between RS422, TTL and V.35, including fanout replication using standard COTS equipment that was tailored to the specific application. This allowed interface to legacy hardware as well as current equipment that is being integrated into the new system at a reasonable cost and was delivered on a timely basis.



Client: Lockheed Martin
Design: VME Board   701110

Lockheed Martin ECL/LVDS level conversion VME board with self-contained test pattern generator was packaged into industry standard form factor saving rack space and improving system test & troubleshooting.

  Client: Department of Defense and EDT
Design: EDT patch panels
EDT patch panels 701112, 701120, 701135, 701225, 701283, 701286, 701317

These panels were developed for systems engineers to eliminate the need for special “octopus” cables, which are expensive to fabricate, can be unreliable due to their fragility and are awkward to install. Those special cables can also cause maintenance nightmares because a single connector or cable defect necessitates replacement of the entire cable assembly. The development of this hardware for use with EDT cards is a cost effective solution allowing the technicians to install standard pin to pin cables because the transition from the SCSI connector to twinax is made inside these products.
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Ethernet enabled custom enclosure