The electronic product development process involves a number of steps before the final product can be brought to the market. The first stage in the product development process is creating a preliminary design from information provided by the customer. Parties interested in developing a concept into a manufacturable product may have sketches, notes and drawings that will be shared with our project engineering staff. On the other hand, this stage may begin with a verbal discussion between the customer and the engineering team that will be designing and developing the electronic product. Once the engineering team has gathered sufficient data, the product development process can begin.

Designs are reviewed periodically with the customer for approval to continue the process. Finally, hardware and software design is completed and the final product design is released for manufacturing including complete technical documentation such as bills of materials for procurement and drawings for fabrication, assembly and testing of the finished product.

Troubleshooting in the Electronic Product Development Process

An important stage in the product development process for electronic products is identifying any potential problems. This is undertaken before the circuit board and mechanical design is completed by the engineering staff. Potential problems with the mechanical, electrical design, or the materials are identified through technical reviews, before documentation is complete and the production process begins. This can ultimately save companies time and substantial amounts of money when bringing a new electronic product to market. After the troubleshooting stage of development, a prototype can be developed for testing, after which the electronic product can be put into mass production.

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