New product development is the process by which companies realize their visions for improvements to existing offerings and innovative new ones. The process involves a number of stages to ensure that the finished product will be profitable for the company to have manufactured. Much of the work involved with new product development is conducted before manufacturing is considered. Ideas are generated through research that involves understanding the needs and demands of the marketplace, as well as identifying gaps that have been left by current products and services. After creating a range of ideas, businesses must weed through these concepts to determine which are feasible and will be popular with customers. A range of marketing research techniques such as conjoint analysis can aid companies in understanding the products that will interest their customers.

The Manufacturing Stage of New Product Development

Once an idea has been selected for a new product, businesses can arrange to have prototypes developed. Large companies may have the resources to perform manufacturing in-house. Smaller companies, though, typically bring their plans to a third party if they do not have the specialized knowledge or equipment that they need for development. Using prototypes, the plans can be refined based on the initial feedback that the company receives. Businesses may then decide to engage in a similar process to select packaging for their newly developed products.

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