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Electronic packaging includes cables, printed circuit boards, chassis, racks and more. Technisys has years of electronic engineering experience in electronic packaging including the electronic circuits contained inside.Our product design engineering experience ranges from modified off the shelf containers to proprietary new designs for specific needs. In our world of ever shrinking size requirements of today’s electronics, Technisys has learned to pack generous amounts of power and components into small spaces, saving valuable rack space and weight.

Whether developing a new package or modifying an existing design, attention to detail is crucial. Consideration for heat dissipation and air flow in active units are critical for assuring a reliable electronic product and at Technisys we know this.

We also know how to solve heat dissipation by proper ventilation control starting at the board level and carrying through to the complete chassis enclosure. It could be solid state cooling, special heat conductive materials or forced air using fans but it will be studied and accommodated for success.

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Our customers have requested anything from simple cable assemblies or passive interface to complex multi-end cables or enclosures for special applications. We have always managed to source the right material to fulfill their requirements by searching out unique, cost effective solutions and always aware of the need to provide an end product that meets “fit, form and function” requirements. That is why our customers have confidence in us.
The most visible aspect of electronic packaging is the form it takes. The outside wrap around or enclosure is the first thing that is seen and will have a positive or negative visual impact on your customer. Technisys prides itself in electronic package designs that not only fulfill customer needs and operate reliably but also have a great appearance.
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