Electrical Optical Passive Interface Test Equipment Enclosures Other
  Part # 701073
Chassis, Modular, W/O Power Supplies

Custom designed rugged chassis developed for rack applications
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Part # 701133
Base, Ventilation, Modular Chassis

Keep your chassis cool!
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Part # 701153-B
Chassis, 2 Channel STM-16 Fiber Optic Fanout w/CLK

2 Channels of optical fanout up to 2.5G

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Part # 701171
Enclosure, Insulated Custom NEMA 4X, 18 x 16 x 8

Cutomize your NEMA for harsh environs.

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Part # 701180-1D
Chassis, 1U Modular Laptop Size, 2 slots w/non-removable PS

Modularity in a laptop size chassis!

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  Part # 701182-1
Chassis, STM-1/CMI/AMI Test Generator w/ BERT

Cost effective BERTs
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Part # 701227
Chassis, TTL/RS422 Converter, 5 Ch, Rack Mount, 1U

Cost effective TTL/RS422 level conversion 

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Part # 701252
Chassis, Full Length, 1U Modular, 2 slots, w/o PS
1U modular chassis

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