At Technisys, we specialize in the development and design of all kinds of electronic product packaging, including equipment enclosures. We make sure that the equipment enclosures we design offer maximum efficiency in space utilization, and optimal functionality according to the requirements of the product to be housed. Additionally, we ensure that our equipment enclosure designs allow easy access to the control switches, ports, buttons and displays of the product inside.

Equipment Enclosures

We design equipment enclosures in metal, steel and plastic. Our available equipment enclosures include standardized rack mounts for patch panels, built to exact product specifications, and custom-built enclosures for system interface, conversion and recording systems. We can also develop portable equipment enclosures. Our custom enclosures have to be designed and developed with great precision in order to be entirely efficient, and in order to ensure optimal functionality of the product it is housing. We also make sure that our equipment enclosure designs allow for easy heat dissipation and air flow, which will obviously protect the electronic product and improve its performance.

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