At Technisys, we have designed and developed a passive interface panel specifically for matrix switch applications. The key advantage of this panel is that it eliminates the serious problems associated with 'octopus' cables.

Matrix Switches

Technisys interface panels for matrix switch applications work with both blocking and non-blocking switches, and our customer-specified I/O hardware supports any equipment interface requirement. Additionally, they offer a reliable and repeatable interface, using minimum rack space. The matrix switch compatible panel assembly which uses standard pin to pin cables, as opposed the 'octopus' nightmare, offers the advantage of simple installation and integration. The assemblies can also be impedance-matched for critical signal paths. This assures you of quality throughput.

The quality construction and 100% functional testing that we guarantee for our matrix switch compatible passive interface panel ensures reliable performance and repeatability. Finally, this product is cost-effective, and supportable using standard cables; the eventual advantage being increased reliability and lower costs.

For further information about the Technisys interface panel for matrix switch applications, please browse through the detailed specifications we have provided. Government institutions and private firms can reach us by calling 1-800-305-9001 or 856-848-9001. You can also contact us by e-mail.