At Technisys, as part of our electronic product packaging development service, we manufacture our own patch panels for our clients to mount the panels that we design for them. We make sure that these patch panels are manufactured to exact specifications, using materials which include both fiber reinforced plastic and metal.

Patch Panels

This hardware is designed to mount in an industry standard 19" rack. They can be delivered in IU, 2U or 3U rack unit heights, depending on the size of the panels I/O requirements. We can also build 24-inch patch panels with the same rack unit height options as those mentioned above. Great care is taken during the design and manufacturing of these panels. Ultimately, what we seek to achieve with our patch panels economy and optimal functionality.

We'll be pleased to provide you with further information about our patch panels which we design and build. Government institutions and private firms can contact us at 1-800-305-9001 or 856-848-9001, or email us to learn more about patch panels.