With product engineering, businesses and government organizations can develop the equipment and systems they need to perform their daily tasks more efficiently and cost effectively. Telecommunications systems are at the core of much of the work that is done today. Businesses and organizations with many employees that share common resources may need systems that allow users to back up large amounts of data quickly and on a regular basis. Gigabit ethernet and fiber optic cabling are two of the interface options that are available for these storage products. While companies and agencies may be able to find assembled products that meet their needs, they may also consider working with engineering teams to develop custom solutions.

Modular Solutions from Product Engineering Companies

While some storage devices are designed to remain in place once installed, businesses and organizations may need more portable solutions:

  • Modular systems are designed such that they can be removed easily.
  • The individual components can then be upgraded, replaced, or moved to another location and installed for use.
  • These modular components can include a number of interface options such as Gigabit ethernet, fiber optic cabling, and USB connections.
  • Product engineering teams can help organizations ensure compatibility of all the equipment they are using.
  • Businesses may also be able to save time, as engineers may have previously developed similar solutions for other clients.

The product engineering group at Technisys has more than 70 years of combined experienced and has worked together for more than a decade on projects for large corporations and government agencies. To inquire about contracting with the company for specific projects, the staff can be reached by email or by phone at (856) 848-9001.