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Technisys has 100 years of experience developing electro-mechanical packages and the electronic circuits contained inside.

In our world of ever shrinking size requirements with today’s electronics, at Technisys, we have learned to pack generous amounts of power and components into small spaces, saving valuable space and weight and lowering cost.

Technisys can provide product development for a range of design requirements. Whether your needs are:
• New product concepts
• 3D Modeling
• Research and feasibility estimates
• Electromechanical drawings
• "Working" protoptypes
• Sheet metal or machined parts design and production
• Cable configurations
• Circuit design
• Complex microprocessor based systems

Technisys offers product development services from start through production or any portion of the project.

3D Module Product

Electomechanical Drawings
Typical project cycle:
• Customer shares product concept with Technisys
• Technisys responding with solution concepts
• Preliminary design is established
• Detailed electrical design initiated
• Schematic capture files created
• Bills of Material (BOM) are generated and material procurement started

In the meantime,
• Electro-mechanical packaging efforts run in parallel to assure enclosure availability in a timely fashion for production.
This part of the project is critical because it is where mechanical fit is implemented and heat ventilation is addressed.

Once electrical design is complete:
• Schematics are checked and finalized; board layout design can be started. Considerations include:
                   • available space
                   • component heat dissipation
                   • cooling requirements and critical signal paths. All these are critical to the successful operation of the end product.

Finally, before releasing drawings for fabrication and assembly
• Critical Design Review of the electrical design, mechanical design, BOM and PCB design is conducted to  assure finished product integrity.

After the first article has been assembled
• Product is tested and evaluated for proper operation and that it meets all specification for fit, form and function
• Once product has successfully passed series of tests, it is released for full production and the product development is complete.
Electrical Product Design

Enclosures range from modified off the shelf containers to proprietary designs for specific needs

Module Drawing
We can make your concept a reality. Call 856-848-9001 for an engineering consultation.
Cube Drawing


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