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  701097 CMI encoder/decoder Module  
  Module E4 CMI 701097
  Versatile Module allows CMI, NRZ, or 4-bit parallel
nibble inputs and outputs

The Type J, CMI PCB module is a configurable, Coded Mark Inversion (CMI) encoder/decoder. The unit can be configured to decode received single ended CMI input and output recovered DATA and CLOCK either as NRZ or a parallel 4 bit data nibble format with clock. When configured in the encoder mode, module accepts either CMI, NRZ DATA and CLOCK or a 4 bit nibble format with clock to produce a CMI encoded output data stream. The electrical format of all input and output signals (except CMI) is differential ECL, PECL, LVDS, or RS422. A test pattern generator can be selected by a front panel locking toggle switch. The test generator is used to provide verification of the operation of the output drivers in any mode and also allows the unit to function as a signal source.

• Front panel selectable inputs and outputs
• Accepts and outputs CMI or NRZ data
• 4-bit Nibble I/O connectors accept and output ECL, PECL, and LVDS
• Lock/Activity LED indicator
• Front panel output signal inversion
• Built in test pattern generator controlled from front panel
• Invert functions can be overriden for each output



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