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  VME Interface Card ECL to LVDS
VME Interface Card ECL to RS422/LVDS



  Unique product for VME users. Multi-function card provides many features.

The VME Interface Card provides two sets of interfaces and can generate test patterns, which can be substituted for normal interface throughput. All I/O is handled through the front panel:

1. Differential (RS422 or RS644 [LVDS]), serial Data and Clock inputs are converted to AMI serial data.

2. (9) differential ECL inputs are output as (9) differential data lines at ECL, PECL, RS422 or RS644 levels. Front panel LED's indicate signal activity on each input as well as verification of the status of the power supply voltages. All selectable parameters and characteristics are programmed by user applied jumpers configured at board level. An on board test generator, with user configurable data rate and data pattern provides verification of the operation of the output drivers and also allows the unit to function as a test signal source.


• Provides 2 independent signal conversions
• Includes on-board Test Pattern Generator
• Handles 4 data rates
• PS status indicator
• Front panel I/O
• Provides 4 levels of parallel output

Data Rates
• ECL, PECL,RS644: 100 Mbps
• RS422: 50 Mbps
• AMI: 1.544 Mbps, 2.048 Mbps, 6.312 Mbps, or 8.448 Mbps (T1, E1, T2, E2 respectively)

• VME Package: 6U X 4HP


Power Requirements:
• All Power is provided through backplane connectors.
+5 @ 2 Amps, -12 @ 4 Amps

• Bal DATA IN: Trompeter Twinax CBBJR79
• Bal CLK IN: Trompeter Twinax CBBJR79
• AMI OUT: Trompeter BNC CBJR220
• ECL IN: AMP DB25 HD-20 Female 745783-6
• Parallel OUT: AMP 68 pin High Density SCSI 787928-7
• Backplane: AMP 96 pin DIN 41612 650473-5

• Power-on LED (DS1)
• Test Pattern Generator On
• Serial Data Input Activity
• Serial Clock Input Activity
• AMI Output Activity
• Parallel ECL Input Activity (Ch 1-8 & clock)

Test Pattern Generator:
• Front Panel on/off control
• On-board jumper configuration
• Data Patterns: R3, R7, or R15
• Data Rates: 1.544 Mbps, 2.048 Mbps, 6.312 Mbps, or
8.448 Mbps (T1, E1, T2, E2 respectively)
• The Serial Output signal is a bipolar signal which complies to
North American and European standards for high speed digital
telephony interfaces as recommend by ITU-T, ANSI or Bellcore




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