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  701123 PCB Module  
  Module RS422/LVDS IN Fanout (TTL OUT) w/Tester 701123
  Module provides four outputs from RS422 or LVDS input!


The Type P Fanout Module can accept RS422 or LVDS input through a concentric twinax rear panel connector. A front panel rotary switch allows selection of one of two possible inputs. Once input is selected, four (4) outputs of TTL signal are provided. A red ACTIVITY LED indicates presence of input and the outputs can be inverted from the front panel, by the locking toggle switches. Inversion for each output can be overridden at the board level. A test pattern generator can be selected by a front panel locking toggle switch. In this mode, one (1) DATA and one (1) CLOCK output is generated by an internal circuit, which produces an R3, R7, or R15 test pattern selectable through a board jumper.


• Front panel selectable RS422/LVDS input
• Activity LED indicator
• Front panel output signal inversion
• On board inversion override for each output
• Built in test pattern generator controlled from front panel
• Three test patterns and two test data rates available with on board jumpers
• One input interfaced through concentric twinax rear panel connector
• Industry standard BNC Connectors provide four outputs



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