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  Module, Type U Fiber Optic In, Fanout 701134
  Fiber Optic interface modules provide optimum performance
  This module provides 2 channels, one which converts optical to electrical (OE) and another which converts electrical to optical (OE). Each channel operates completely independent of the other. It can accept serial binary differential input at ECL or PECL levels and output either of the same. All electrical I/O is through rear panel concentric twinaxial connectors. Optical I/O is through ST or SC connectors, as specified by our customer. Activity and Test Generator indicators are located on the front panel along with controls for the Test Generator and signal output Inversion. Indicators are on the technical details page.This Module is designed for use in the Technisys 701073 Modular Chassis.

• Receives Fiber Optic and fans out to several technology levels
• Operates up through STM-1 rates (155.520 Mbps)
• Front panel selectable Test Generator outputs
• Independent output inversion from the front panel, on the fly
• Trompeter BJ79 series concentric twinax connectors provide differential I/O


701134-1 Fiber Optic IN
701134-2 Fiber Optic IN Twinax OUT
701134-5 2 Channel Fiber Optic







701134 PCB module


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