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  701150-4 Module  
  STM 16 Mux/Demux with bit interleaving Module 701150-4
  High speed multi-rate optical fanout available in a universal module

• SONET/SDH Optical Fanout from 155Mb to 2.5Gbps
• Fits in a single slot of 3U or 1U chassis.
• Easy hot-swap I/O modules
• Front panel input rate select
• Front panel Tx laser ON/OFF control
• Provides two (2) independent channels of 1:2 fiber optic fanout
• Front panel control of operating rates
• Operates at STM-1, STM-4 or STM-16 rates
• Internal CDR re-clocks data streams
• SFP modules allow easy change of I/O capability



  The 701150-4 2.5Gb Fanout Module is a member of the Techinisys modular product family that can be used in either the 701073 (3U, 8 modules) or 701252 (1U, 2 modules). It accepts optical SONET/SDH input at rates up to OC-48/STM-16 (2.5Gbps). This device has 2 independent channels, which can each operate at different rates simultaneously. The signal stream is received and processed through Clock/Data Recovery (CDR) devices, duplicated and regenerated to provide a 1:2 fanout. I/O is through industry standard SFP devices with LC connectors, which allow hot swap for various drive length or fiber mode requirements.


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