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  Hand Held, 2 Channel STM-16 Fiber Optic Fanout w/Clock 701153-B-1
701153-B chassis option
  High speed multi-rate optical fanout available in a small package with backup battery built in
• SONET/SDH Optical Fanout from 155Mb to 2.5Gbps
• Self contained battery backup for 2 hour operation
• Compact package size for portability
• High impact enclosure
• Low power consumption
• Easy hot-swap I/O modules
• Front panel input rate select
• Front panel Tx laser ON/OFF control
The 701153-B-1 Hand Held STM-16 Fanout is a portable, stand alone device that accepts optical SDH input at rates up to STM-16 (2.5Gbps). This device has 2 independent channels, which can each operate at different rates simultaneously. The signal stream is received and processed through Clock/Data Recovery (CDR) devices, duplicated and regenerated to provide a 1:2 fanout. I/O is through industry standard SFP devices with LC connectors, which allow hot swap for various drive length or fiber mode requirements.

The enclosure is made of durable plastic that measures approximately 1.5” x 5” x 8” and weighs less than 2 pounds. Within the enclosure is a battery capable of 2 hours of operation and a self contained charger. External power is provided by a standard 12VDC AC adapter.

All controls are accessed on the front panel and all I/O is through rear panel connectors. Controls and indicators include POWER ON switch and green LED, RATE SELECT rotary switches and amber LEDs and green LOCK LED indicators. FANFAIL and OVER TEMP conditions are indicated by flashing the POWER LED in red. Tx on is controlled by front panel switches and display indicators intensity is controlled for BRIGHT, LOW or OFF by a front panel switch.



  701153-B is desk top chassis size


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