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Custom Nema Enclosure   701171
Insulated enclosure protects hardware in extreme conditions



The Technisys Xtreme ICE enclosure is designed to provide protection for sensitive equipment that cannot
tolerate the harsh environment created in the low temperatures of a deep freezer or
outdoor service, where temperatures may drop below the specified
minimum operating range.

• NEMA 4X rated Housing is molded polyester fiberglass with interior insulation-minimum heat dissipation
• Enclosure includes sealed connector housing to interface to local Ethernet cabling. Easily field terminated using   standard tools
• LEDs display activity-Red, Green, Amber
• Effective to extreme temperatures -40 to 130 degrees
• Waterproof RJ45 & AC Power Connectors
• Outside Dimensions: 18 in. X 16 in. X 8 in.
• Weight: approximately 20 lbs.
• I/O Connections: IEC IP67 Waterproof RJ45 & AC Power Connectors
  (sealed RJ45 cable connector & housing provided for connection to premise wiring)
• RF Connector (2) RP BNC or TNC jacks (female) Bulkhead feed-through w/cable terminated with RP BNC or TNC   plugs (male)
• Heater: 30W to 150W, 110-230 VAC
This model fulfills basic protection needs for applications where monitoring the AP environment is not critical.
These include:
• Green-power
• Amber-heater is on
Exclusive Features  
Temperature control Bi-metal Tstat
Internal temp.set point range 30 to 130°
Alarm set pt. range NA
Local enunciator YES
Alarm enunciator NO
Ethernet capability NO

This unit incorporates a proprietary temperature controller, which also provides local enunciators
• Green-power
• Amber-heater is on
• Red-DC power supply voltage
• Flashing red-out of range, which is selected by the user


Exclusive Features
Temperature control Solid State
Internal temp.set point range 0 to 105° 
Alarm set pt. range 0 to 105° 
Local enunciator YES
Alarm enunciator YES
Ethernet capability NO
This ethernet enabled unit incorporates a micro-controller to monitor interior temperature, control the heater and report status on-demand or on a regular schedule. Alarm points can be set and reported when violated .Local enunciators.
These include:
• Green-power
• Amber-heater is on
• Red-DC power supply voltage
• Flashing red-out of range, which is selected by the user.
The proprietary controller will be set up as specified by the end user but can also be changed by your technical staff. This unit is valuable for critical applications where one needs to maintain awareness of conditions so that possible failure or malfunction can be addressed before it occurs.
Exclusive Features  
Temperature control MCU
Internal temp.set point range 0 to 10° 
Alarm set pt. range 0 to 105° 
Local enunciator YES
Alarm enunciator YES
Ethernet capability YES


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