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  Chassis, STM-1/CMI/AMI Test Generator w/BERT 701182-1
  Bit Error Tester for T1, E4, STM-1, E4 w/BERT, STM-1
The Technisys Bit Error Tester is a stand-alone device that can be setup on a bench top or mounted in a 19” equipment rack with Technisys P/N 701012 rack mount. It is designed to provide unframed, high speed, serial binary output ranging from T1 to STM-1 rates. Outputs can be encoded with applicable zero suppression techniques.

Signal levels include differential and single ended AMI, CMI, ECL, PECL, RS422 and LVDS levels for copper interface and STM-1 (OC3) fiber optic interface. All electrical I/O is through rear panel concentric twinaxial connectors or industry standard BNC connectors. The SFP I/O can be electrical, if Infiniband or Fiber Channel device is installed. NRZ interfaces are all differential pairs. Fiber I/O it through LC connectors and a SFP transceiver.

Controls and indicators are located on the front panel. All controls, indicators and I/O are listed below. Please note that this table includes features and functions for a unit has all available options. Refer to footnote for Bit Error Tester options. Also note that all toggle switches are locking toggles.

Test Generator
The module includes an on-board test pattern generator, which provides a Pseudo-Random Bit Stream (PRBS). Three patterns are available by rotating the front panel PATTERN SELECT switch. Available patterns include R3, R7 and R15, which are recursion patterns that are 2^X –1lengths where X is the R pattern number (i.e. 3,7,15). The purpose is to test and trouble shoot downstream cables and equipment or to determine if through put is missing from the module. It can also be used for system wide testing and/or system clock. To put the module into Test Mode, place the TEST ON/OFF switch into the upper position. Once the test signal has assisted in trouble shooting, it can be turned off by moving the TESTER ON/OFF toggle to the OFF position.

  • Cost effective BERT for high speed digital systems.
  • Small stand alone unit for table top operation or can be rack mounted.
  • Provides Unframed PRBS Generated output at multiple rates from T1 through STM-1.
  • Multiple output formats/levels available: ECL, PECL, LVDS (RS644), RS422, AMI, CMI, fiber optic
  • All controls and indicators are located on the front panel
  • All I/O on rear panel
  • Test patterns include R3, R7 and R15
  • Individual front panel DATA/CLOCK INVERT control.


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