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  701282-3 BET Module  
  BET Module, 16 E1/T1 Lines + a Single E3/T3 Line 701182-3
The Technisys LINE BET Module is designed for use with the 701180-1D 1U Modular Laptop Size Chassis. It is capable of providing framed or unframed, high speed, serial binary output ranging from T1 to T3 rates. Frame/unframed operatioin is selected by an on-board jumper. Line outputs can be encoded with applicable zero suppression techniques. All low rate (E1/T1) electrical I/O is through 68 pin SCSI connectors while E3/T3 is handled via industry standard BNC connectors.

Signal levels include single ended AMI for E3/T3 rates and differential AMI for E1/T1rates.

All controls and indicators are located on the front panel and I/O is on the rear panel. All switches, except the RUN/STP/RST, are momentary rocker switches. The RUN/STP/RST is an ON/OFF/Momentary switch.




• Provides PRBS test pattern output at multiple rates at E1 or T1 rate and E3/T3 rate
• Controls and indicators are located on the front panel
• All I/O on rear panel.
• Test patterns include R3, R7, R15, R20 and All 1's.
• Individual channel pattern INVERT control from front panel

  Physical Characteristics:

• Height:1.6" (4.1 cm) (1U)
• Width: 3.5" (8.9cm)
• Depth: 10.5" (26.67 cm)
• Weight: 13.6 oz. (1.8 kg)



 External Interconnection:
 • LOW RATE LINE interface through 68 pin SCSI connector
 • E3/T3 Interface through BNC connectors

Backplane interconnect:
10 position (2X5) 2mm grid connector rated at 3 amps per pin
 • +5 volt: 2 pins
 • - 5 volt: 2 pins
 • round: 4 pins + guide

Power Requirements:

 • +5 volt: TBD Amps max.
 • - 5 volt: TBD Amps max.




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