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  701195 STM-1/CMI Converter/Fanout Module 701195-B-1
701195  click image to view larger 701195-B-1 w/battery    click image to view larger

STM-1/CMI Converter/Fanout Module
OE/EO interface

701195-B-1 w/battery

  High speed Optical/Electrical media conversion in a universal module
  This product is designed to provide interface to unframed, high speed, serial binary streams at either STM-1 or E4 rates. Input can be either fiber optic or electrical, which is selected from a front panel switch. Outputs provide a 1:2 fanout of each technology, so with either input, 4 outputs are provided, as listed below.
(2) Fiber at STM-1 rate of 155.520 Mbps
(2) Electrical at E4 rate of 139.264 Mbps.

• Accepts either electrical or optical inputs
• Uses multi source agreement SFP transceivers for optical interface
• Hot-pluggable SFPs make it easy to change optical wavelength
• Provides electrical/optical conversions from STM-1 to E4 or from E4 to STM-1
• Provides 1:2 fanout from either STM-1 or E4 input
• Provides a total of 4 outputs, (2) STM-1 and (2) E4
• All controls and indicators are located on the front panel
• All I/O on rear panel
• Provides test pattern generated output at multiple rates: 155M or 140M
• Test generator produces pseudo-random bit sequence patterns of R3, R7 and R15.


The Technisys STM-1/E4 Fanout/Converter is available in three form factors.

MODULE:         PN701195         Requires Technisys P/N 701252 Chassis for operation.

CHASSIS:        PN701195-B    Stand-alone device that can be set up on a bench top or mounted in a 19” equipment rack                                                 with Technisys P/N 701012 rack mount.

HAND HELD:    PN 701195-B-1 Portable package that features up to 2 hours of battery operation and includes                                                  internal charger, which is powered by an AC adapter.

All electrical I/O is through rear panel SMA connectors and optical I/O is through LC connectors via SFP transceivers. Controls and indicators are located on the front panel. All controls, indicators and I/O are listed below. Note that all toggle switches are locking toggles.


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