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  STM-1 Portable laptop size or rack mount electronic chassis  
  Portable Chassis, STM-1/E4, E3, E1 MUX/DEMUX Unit 701215
The Technisys STM-1/PDH Multiplexer can be rack mounted in a 1U space in a standard 19” equipment rack or used as a portable device. The footprint is about the same as a laptop computer and it is constructed of lightweight aircraft aluminum making it very portable. It is designed to provide the user with intuitive control for multiplexing telecommunication electrical digital streams to an optical stream and for demultiplexing from the high rate optical STM-1 to lower rate electrical PDH streams.
  • Cost effective BERT for high speed digital systems.
  • Small stand alone unit for table top operation or can be rack mounted.
  • Provides Unframed PRBS Generated output at multiple rates from T1 through STM-1.
  • Multiple output formats/levels available: ECL, PECL, LVDS (RS644), RS422, AMI, CMI, fiber optic
  • All controls and indicators are located on the front panel
  • All I/O on rear panel
  • Test patterns include R3, R7 and R15
  • Individual front panel DATA/CLOCK INVERT control.
  Operating Modes
  Demux Modes:
STM-1      4 E1s
STM-1      4 E3s
STM-1      1 E4
Multiplex Modes:
4 E1s       STM-1
4 E3s       STM-1
1 E4         STM-1
One PDH stream is selected as the multiplex master clock. PDH streams need not be frame synchronized when containing voice content.
  Power Requirements
  48VDC, 50 Watts maximum Can be powered by desktop power supply,
CO 48V bus or Technisys Portable Battery Supply
  • Height: 1.60” (4.1 cm) (1U)
  • Width: 14.0” (35.6 cm)
  • Depth: 9”(22.9 cm) overall including front and rear panel hardware
  • Weight: 5.0lbs. ( 2.3kg approx.)


Option   701219 Portable Battery/Charger Unit - 60 Watts


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