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701227 Adaptive Interface
701227 5 Channel TTL/RS-422 Converter

 TTL/RS422 Converter, 5 (10) Channel Rack Mount- 1U Chassis

TTL/RS422 Converter, 5 Ch, Rack Mount, 1U, BNC/Twinax I/O
TTL/ECL Converter, 5 Ch, Rack Mount, 1U, DB25 I/O            
TTL/RS422 Converter, 10 Ch, Rack Mount, 1U w/DB25 I/O
TTL/RS422 Converter, 5 Ch, 1U Rack mount, SMA/DB25 I/O
TTL/RS422 Converter, 5 Ch, 1U Rack mount, DB25 I/O
TTL/RS422 Converter, 5 Ch, 1U Rack mount, 75 Ohm term option



The Little Box That Can!
The Adaptive Interface is a flexible, fully integrated solution that adapts to any interface requirement where single ended, differential or level (logic family) conversion is needed. It provides East/West conversion, that is, multiple channels in each direction. This product family offers you the flexibility to specify electrical and mechanical I/O features to fulfill specific requirements for your application.

Adaptable and Flexible
 Many logic levels can be interfaced whether bi-polar, positively of negatively biased so the unit can be adapted  
   to numerous inputs.
Single ended (unbalanced) signals such as TTL input can be terminated at 50 Ohms, 120 Ohms, or 5.1K Ohms

1U rack mounted enclosure 
International power supply
Independent channel operation
Converts 5 channels in each direction 
All I/O on rear panel
Special l/O connectors available 

Communications, data acquisition, simulation, testing, data transport
Signal level conversion.
Single Ended / Balanced interface conversion (baluns).
Extend single ended signal range thousands of meters
In-Line Repeater/Driver for differential and single ended throughput
Adapt and integrate legacy products to current systems.
Monitor channel activity and control polarity of throughput.
Remote channel monitoring and control via embedded server.
Suitable for industrial plant, commercial office or laboratory environments

Height: 1.60" (4.1 cm) 1U
Width:  19.0" (482.6 cm) 
Depth:  11.5" (282.1 cm) overall including front and rear panel hardware
Weight: 5.0 Lbs. (2.3kg approx.)

Power Requirements: 85-265 VAC, 47-66 Hz, 15 Watts maximum
I/O Hardware: Differential signal connectors: Trompeter, BJ770
  Single ended signal connectors: Trompeter, BNC
Data Rates: Up to 10 Mbps up to 4,000 feet per RS422 specification.
  Up to 25 Mbps at shorter distances.This may require adjusting input termination and reference voltage.





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