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Digital Recorder Interface STM-1 I/O


701308       Optical
701308-1    Electrical

  Universal Line Interface for any Digital Recorder

The module provides clock and data recovery from the high speed serial input and de-serializes the data stream for parallel interface to digital recorders, up to 16 bits wide plus parity. Playback is handled though the same module and can be performed simultaneously from the same or a second recorder. User control is implemented through two interfaces, a RS232 craft port and 10/100 Base Ethernet port. Communication setup, such as IP address and other fundamentals are handled through terminal interface via the RS232 communication port. Operation is carried out via Ethernet to the embedded webserver. Front panel indicators include indicators for basic functions such as LINE, LOCK, RECORD, PLAY and PARITY ERROR. Basic RECORD and PLAY as well as LED brightness can also be controlled from the front panel. Line interface is compliant with ITU-T G.703, G.825, G.958, Telcordia TR-NWT-00253 and ANSI T1.105.03-1994, T1.105-1994 & T1.102-1993.
Other interfaces are available for low rate PDH and Analog l/O


• LVDS or differential ECL parallel system interface
• Simultaneous RECORD/PLAYBACK operation
• Configurable 8 or 16 bit parallel interface plus parity
• Source selectable playback clock
• Web enabled 10/100 Base Ethernet and RS232 craft port user interfaces
• Rate adaption for legacy equipment such as SONY DIR-1000
• Other PDH line rates available such as E1, T1, E3, T3, and E4
• Multiplexer module available to interface several low rate imputs to one   recording channel
• Analog input available

  • Height: PC 4.5" (11.4 cm) (3U)
• Front panel height: 5.25" (13.3cm) (3U)
• Width: 1.6" (4.1cm)
• Depth: 13.13" (33.35cm) includes rear panel connectors (.63") and front panel handle (1.00")
• Weight: 13.1 oz. (1.8 kg) approximate
  • External interconnection
• CLOCK OUT: BNC connector (Qty 1)
• Parallel DATA, CLOCK and other Recorder inteface (ECL/LVDS)
• (2) Sub-mini 25 pin Female or 50 pin VHDI
• Inputs termination: 50 Ohm for ECL (100 Ohm differential) 100 Ohm LVDS
• Outputs can be near end terminated at 50 Ohm for ECL (100 Ohms differential)
  Backplane interconnect:
  10 position (2X5) 2mm grid connector rated at 3 amps per pin
• +5 volt: 4 pins
• -5 volt: 2 pins
• Ground: 4 pins + guide
  Power requirements:



• +5 volt: 1 Amps max.
• -5 volt: 2 Amps max.

701308 DRI Module


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