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8 Channel NRZ to E1/T1 Converter



The Technisys 8 Channel NRZ to E1/T1 Converter is a stand-alone device designed to provide convesion of 8 Channels of NRZ Clock and Data to E1 or T1 Line Ouputs. The NRZ differential inputs are via RJ-45 connectores, and the E1/T1 line outputs are via concentric twinax connectors. Clock and Data validity for each channel is indicated by a front panel LEDs. The line interface (E1/T1) and corresponding data rate (2.048MHz/1.544MHz) are selected by a front panel switch. Front panel switches provide the ability to selectively invert the incoming data and clock for each channel.
The unit also contains a Test Pattern Generator, which provides R3, R7, R15, R20 PRBS patterns, and All Ones pattern. Selection is made via front panel 5-position rotary switch. When the Test Generator FRAMED Mode is selected, the PRBS patterns are mapped into the payload of E1 or T1 frames, as selected by the T1/E1 System Rate Switch. Output from the Test Generator may be directly connected to the NRZ inputs via a straight-through cable with RJ-45 connectors.

Additional Models Available
In addition to this model, Technisys also offers units for CLOCK/DATA RECOVERY (CDR) from E1/T1 Line input and E1/T1 Line Rate Conversion. These units, P/N 701319 & 701321 respectively, are available in the same 1U package, which includes auto-ranging AC Mains. Please contact Technisys for more details


• Provides 8 Channels of conversion From NRZ to E1 or T1 Telecommunications signals.
• RS-422 or LVDS Level NRZ Clock and Data inputs
• Isolated E1 or T1 Line Outputs per ITU-T G.703/G.704 and ANSI T1.403 respectively.
• Contains a Test Pattern Generator with RS-422 or LVDS Level NRZ Clock and Data output for Self Test and System Test.
• Produces framed ITU-T G.732 or unframed PRBS patterns per ITU-T O.153.
•E1 Framing parameters: TS 16 Signaling - Off, CRC4 - Off, International Bit = 1, National Bits = 11111.
•T1 Framing parameters: SF/D4 framing, No AB Signaling 
•Data and Clock Validity indicators for each channel.
•Standard 1U rack mountable.
•Powered from 120/240VAC auto-ranging

  • Height: 1.75" (1U)
• Width: 19"
• Depth: 14"
• Weight: Approximately 5 lbs.
  Power requirements:



•15 Watts maximum

701309 8 Channel NRZ to E1/T1 Converter


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