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8 Channel E1/T1 Converter (4 CDR, 4 NRZ to E1/T1 Line)



The Technisys 8 Channel E1/T1 Converter is a stand-alone device designed to provide conversion of 4 Channels of NRZ Clock and Data to E1 or T1 Line Outputs and 4 channels of Line input to Clock/Data (CDR) pairs. The NRZ differential I/O are via RJ-45 connectors, and the E1/T1 Line I/O are via Concentric Twinax connectors. Clock and Data validity and Line LOCK for each channel is indicated by front panel LEDs. The Line Interface (E1/T1) and corresponding data rate (2.048MHz/1.544MHz) are selected by a front panel switch. Front panel switches provide the ability to selectivelyt invert the data and clock for each channel.

The unit also contains a Test Pattern Generator, which provides R3, R7, R15, R20 PRBS patterns, and All Ones pattern. Selection is made via front panel 5-position rotary switch. Yellow LEDs indicate the pattern selected. When the Test Generator FRAMED Mode is selected, the PRBS patterns are mapped into the payload of E1 or T1 frames, as selected by the T1/E1 System Rate Switch. Output from the Test Generator may be directly connected to the NRZ inputs via a straight-through cable with RJ-45 connectors.

Additional Models Available
Ina addition to this model, Technisys also offers units for CLOCK/DATA RECOVERY (CDR) from E1/T1 Line intput and E1/T1 Line Rate Conversion. These units, P/N 701319 & 701321 respectively, are available in the same 1U package, which includes auto-ranging AC Mains. Please contact Technisys for more details.


• Provides 4 Channels of conversion from NRZ to E1 or T1 Telecommunications signals.
• Provides 4 Channels of Clock/Data Recovery (CDR) from E1 or T1 Telecommunications signals to NRZ.
• RS-422 or LVDS Level NRZ Clock and Data I/O.
• Isolated E1 or T1 75 Ohm Line I/O per ITU-T G.703/G.704 and ANSI T1.403 rescectively.
• Contains a Test Pattern Generator with RS-422 or LVDS Level NRZ Clock and Data output forSelf Test and System Test.
• Produces framed ITU-T G.732 or unframed PRBS patterns per ITU-T O.153.
• E1 Framing parameters: TS16 Signaling - Off, CRC4 – Off, International Bit = 1, National Bits = 11111.
• T1 Framing parameters: SF/D4 framing, No AB Signaling.
• Data and Clock Validity indicators for each channel.
• Standard 1U rack mountable.
• Powered from 120/240VAC auto-ranging.

  • Height: 1.75" (1U)
• Width: 19"
• Depth: 14"
• Weight: Approximately 5 lbs.
  Power requirements:



•15 Watts maximum

701319 8 Channel E1/T1 CDR


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