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Matrix Switch Interface Panel

Easy and economical interfacing of
matrix switch applications

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32 Channels
Panel provides easy and economical interfacing of Universal Switching Corporation products to concentric twinaxial connectors.



  No more 'Octopus" cable Nightmares  
  This panel eliminates the need for special “octopus” cables, which are expensive to fabricate, can be unreliable due to their fragility and are awkward to install. Those special cables can also cause maintenance nightmares because a single connector or cable defect necessitates replacement of the entire cable assembly.

• Customer specified I/O hardware supports any equipment interface requirement
• Fixed I/O mapping customized for easy integration into your system
• Requires minimum rack space making it easy to fit your application
• Quality construction provides reliable performance and repeatability
• Cost effective and supportable using standard cables
• Impedance matching assures quality throughput
• All products receive 100% functional testing

Increase Reliability, Decrease Cost

Use standard pin to pin cables
By using Technisys interface panels, you can install standard pin to pin cables because the transition from switch to target equipment is made inside the interface panel. This results in greater reliability, less down-time and a more supportable system.

Mounts in Standard 19" Rack
The panel mounts in a standard 19 inch rack and require only a 2U (3.50”) rack space. The interface panels are isolated from the rack mounts by high-density urethane insulators on each mounting flange and nylon shoulder washers in each mounting screw slot. (Ground connection is provided)

  Installation Features

• #10 self-clinch nut, which is provided for attaching a grounding cable
•Cable strain relief “running board” bars-convenient resource for cable management during installation
• Installation bars provide better access to equipment and protects cables from damage

  Signal Specifications:  
Interface:                    Passive electrical (DC coupled)
Signal Type:                Differential digital data streams
Impedence                  50 OHMS
Band Width:                DC to 50Mbps


• Height: 3.50” (2U)
• Width: 19.00”
• Depth:4.75 overall (includes 2.00” enclosure and set of strain relief bars)
• Weight: 5.0 lbs. (approx.)

Power: N/A

Operating Temp: - 40 to + 85C

I/O Hardware
68 pin SCSI connector: AMP, 749069-7
Twinax connectors: Trompeter, CBJR70


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Woodbury NJ 08096