At Technisys, we design and develop electronic product packaging and enclosures for the electronic items and systems that we engineer. Designing and developing rack assemblies is just one of the services we offer.

Rack Assemblies

Our extensive designing and engineering experience is not only limited to electronic products, but is evident in our development of rack assemblies as well. We understand that without the right enclosure system, the products inside will never function optimally. A rack assembly needs to be designed and engineered according to exact specifications, incorporating efficient utilization of space, while also allowing for easy heat dissipation and air flow. Additionally, the controls and displays of the product must be easily accessible. It is only a combination of these features that will allow a product to reach its maximum life-span.

We design rack assemblies in steel, metal and plastic, and have the proficiency to create wholly customized rack assemblies, as well as assemblies conforming to industry-specific, standardized size specifications. This section of our site offers more details, but if you'd like further information, we can be reached at 1-800-305-9001 or 856-848-9001, or by email.