Schematic designs of electronic systems can be created as part of the development process for new products for companies, defense contractors, and government agencies. The designs may be based on existing hardware employed by the organizations or developed as part of a solution to a new challenge they face. Some companies may be able to present the project engineers they hire with schematic diagrams of what they have in mind. In other cases, the engineers will develop the design from scratch based on conversations with their clients.

Preparing Schematic Designs for New Electronics

After the schematic design has been developed, engineers can set out to develop the components of the system. This process includes preparing a bill of material for the clients, which detail the equipment that will be used in manufacturing each component. Much of the work involved in transforming the schematic design to the finished product, including drafting layouts and producing prototypes, can be performed with the aid of CAD programs. The files generated during the production process can also be used to compile detailed documentation. This information can be used if parts need to be replaced, repaired, or upgraded down the line. The documentation can also be used when having new products engineered to ensure that they will be compatible with existing equipment.

The engineers at Technisys can assist clients with all aspects of product development, from formulating the initial concept and drawing up the schematic design to manufacturing and testing prototypes and overseeing production. Potential clients who want to discuss the details of a project can contact them by phone at (856) 848-9001 or via email.