System documentation is an essential part of a number of engineering projects. In some cases, the documentation may include schematics of each of the components that make up the entire system. For instance, in electronics products, this may include renderings of each of the circuit boards used in the design, as well as the way in which they are brought together. In addition to schematics of electronics, it may include details on the way in which the product is assembled.

Benefits of Creating System Documentation

Companies and government agencies need to have system documentation in place for a number of reasons. Over the course of their careers, workers may transition between many jobs. One of the risks that this poses to organizations is the loss of knowledge when a long-term employee chooses to pursue other opportunities. With documentation in place, new employees can review the schematics and understand the components of the system. The material can also be used to develop replacement equipment should individual components fail or need to be upgraded. With the system documentation in hand, organizations can work with engineering firms on the development of new electronic components and be certain that they will be compatible with the previous generation of equipment.

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